Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tony Taylor's Top Three

Tony Taylor is fairly new to the U.S. National Team system, so we thought we'd let him introduce himself. Here his "Top Threes" - everything from the soccer field to what's on his iPod....

Three words to describe you as a player:

Three words to describe you off the field:
-shy (at first)

Three things people don’t know about you:
-my parents are both from Panama, they moved to the U.S. after they were married at 18 years old
-I like Christian rap and salsa music
-I am very strong in my faith

Three favorite music groups:
-116 Click
-Sonora Carruseles

Three favorite foods:
-spaghetti with meatballs or meat sauce
-any type of Cuban food

Three things you have to do before a game:
-listen to my iPod
-say a prayer
-roll my ankles to loosen them up

Three favorite movies:
-Dark Knight
-The Nutty Professor

Three favorite players:

Three things to do in Jacksonville:
-go to the beach
-chill with friends
-check out the nightlife

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