Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Generation

The folks at U.S. Soccer sometimes like to refer to themselves as one big family, and it's easy to see why on weekends such as an Academy Showcase. But sometimes it's truer than you'd think.

This here is Trevor Mulqueen. He's the son of U.S. MNT U-20 goalkeeping coach Tim Mulqueen and one of the smallest members of the coaching staff. But he is a member of the staff. Helping his dad warm-up the keepers has been one of his daily tasks throughout this past weekend, but we're betting that's not why the team loves him. To quote the man himself, "My favorite part of helping them out is climbing over the boards to get the balls that miss the goal."

Now that folks, is a Most Valuable Player.

*Trivia Time*
Knowing what you've just read about Trevor and his family, take a closer look at his jersey. Any guess as to what name is on the back? Hint 1: Trevor receieved it as a gift to wear this coming Saturday. Hint 2: Trevor's father used to coach him...

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