Sunday, May 24, 2009

Staying Cool With the Fact of the Day

It's another hot, sunny day here at the Sarasota
Polo Grounds, and people are doing their best to stay cool.

On the field, there is a pretty cool test going on for players whose games are on the Showcase field. Gatorade has set up some scales, weighing players before the game (with their shirts off, as we'll explain later). They then play their game, and get weighed after. The difference in pounds is the amount of fluids they lost. The average field player loses between 2-4 lbs, though some players have lost as much as NINE pounds. So why are they weighed without jerseys? Because, as many of you know, your shirt will collect most of your sweat throughout the game— meaning the weight with a dry jersey before and a wet jersey after would make it seem like you hadn't lost anything. To get back to 100%, players should drink the same amount of ounces as they lost. So if you lose 3 lbs in a match, you need to drink 48 ounces of Gatorade and water before your next strenuous activity. Let's call that today's fact of the day!

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