Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 1 Gets Booked

With the sound of thunder and rain on the athletes' lounge, it seemed like the soccer Gods were telling us to call it a day. There were 32 games today, and as you'd expect with that many matches, upsets were bound to happen. These pictures come from the Cal Odyssey-Arsenal FC matchup in the U-15/16 age group, where Cal (seeded 31st) defeated Arsenal FC (a #2 seed) 3-0 thanks to two goals from Jose Segura and one by Gregory Antognoli.

But because this is not March Madness, Arsenal is certainly nowhere near out of the running. If U.S. Soccer has learned anything recently, it's that you can never count yourself out.

Most results from day one can be found here (U15/16 and U17/18), while this (U15/16 and U17/18) will show you the standings for each group so you can follow your favorite team from home.

For more news and official updates on the weekend, be sure to read more here and check out the 2009 Development Academy Homepage.

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AC said...

I see a link for "Watch Friday's Playoffs Action From Bryan Park"
what kind of media player or plugin I need for my browser? And, what is the schedule of broadcast?