Friday, July 10, 2009

The Final Countdown

After a brief week and a half off, the D.A. is back for the final event of the year—Finals Week!

Eight teams from each age group remain after the entire season, and they'll face each other in two round-robin groups over the next week to determine a national champion. For a full explanation of the postseason process that got us here, check this out.

Along the way, the Development Academy will give an education to the players the likes of which they've most likely never seen. Nutrition experts will have tips on what top athletes need to eat to perform at their best, while media staff will teach them a bit about handling press coverage as they go on in their soccer careers.

We'll be in Los Angeles all week long giving you results, top performances, and highlights as the top 16 teams in the country compete at the Home Depot Center. Games kick off tomorrow at 3 pm PT for the U-17/18 age group, so go ahead and find out a little about each team before the games begin!


AC said...

Any chance you'll be streaming some of the games again?

U.S. Soccer said...

We will! Each day we'll be posting the games scheduled to be played for that day, along with the schedule of when those games will be streamed--but they won't be live, so you'll have to wait until the following day.