Monday, July 13, 2009

World Championships!

As much as we might like to think US Soccer's Development Academy is the biggest draw in town, in a place like LA, we know that sometimes that's just not the case.

But little did we know that this week, we'd really be facing a true competitor. A competition attracting the biggest and the brightest from around the world. A competition...of performing arts.

In our fantastic hotel this week are performers from around the world, competing in the World Championships of the Performing Arts. According to everyone's favorite encyclopedia, the WCOPA is:

"An 'Olympics-style' competition in which singers compete against other singers, dance groups compete against other dance groups, actors against other actors. Industry heavy-weights, talent agents, record execs and television producers judge the talent to determine who moves onto the finals. Once at the finals, a champion is selected by 16 celebrity judges from among the top 3-4 performers in each category and both age groups. Of the eight category winners, a Junior and Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World is selected."

No word yet on a jazz hands event.

We've seen teams from Sweden, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Jamaica, Moldova, and there could be a few others we haven't caught. So to those from overseas, (especially South Africa, who just hosted the MNT team so kindly)...welcome!

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