Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Leave you With Numbers...See You in May!

Well, it's been a hectic two days, but the Development Academy Winter Showcase is officially over.

But while one ends, another ist still to begin as we gear up for the third DA Showcase, with the next one taking place from May 23-26 in Rockford, Ill. And get this...in Rockford there will be more teams and more games, which means more coverage.

Don't forget to check out ussoccer.com for results, photos and highlights from the Winter Showcase! We'll see you next time, but before we go we'll leave you with a little insight into everything that was going on here at the Showcase. Here's a "by the numbers" look:

3 professional referees
8 professional club scouts
9 FIFA Street 3 kiosks
15 National Team coaches
15 fields played on
44 total clubs
82 total referees
88 total teams
88 Academy league games played
105 Nike Aero balls used
132 Academy coaches
133 college coaches (registered)
138 hours of games footage captured in high-def (8280 minutes)
268 goals scored
600 players receiving Gatorade Hydration tests
1,440 games of FIFA street played
1,760 players
2,163 roundtrip flights to attend Showcase
2,200 meals served at Academy dinner
8,000 square feet of Academy lounge
8,800 bottles of Gatorade served at Hydration bar

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