Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

We're not sure how you're celebrating President's Day, but there are 88 Development Academy teams that will be looking forward to another round of games on a cool winter day.

We scoured the player list to see how presidential the players to take the field on Sunday were:

  • There were three George's, as many have served the U.S., but no Washington's or Bush's.
  • The award for most presidential name as U-18 South Charlotte's Tyler Adams.
  • U-16 Vardar's Kyle Taylor, and six with Taylor as a first name.
  • There are three Johnson's, 21 Andrew's, 3 Andy's, but no Lyndon's.
  • U-18 Real's Colorado's Grant Simon
  • There are 18 Tyler's, and the U-18 Michigans Wolves' Jordan Tyler.
  • Two Arthur's, and four Harrison's (twice as many than were president).
  • U-16 Oakwood's Daniel Wilson and U-18 Scott Gallagher's Kevin Wilson.

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