Friday, October 31, 2008

Afternoon Excursion

The U.S. U-17s went on its first extended excursion in New Zealand this afternoon, driving an hour to the Waitamo Glowworm Caves, which were exactly as advertised...caves that contained the rare glow worm. It was good for the team to get out of the hotel for some R&R as they re-focus for a hugely important game against Paraguay on Sunday in Hamilton. Driving through the New Zealand country-side, it was clear that while this country certainly has a vast population of sheep, there is no shortage of cows, horses and even a few ostriches. Viewing the rolling hills, quaint homes and varied collection of trees and ecosytems this country has to offer are certainly worth the long flight down under if you happen to be someone who appreciates nature...or glow worms.

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