Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That Did Leave a Mark

This much we know: They grow'em tough in Washington state. U.S. midfielder Kate Bennett received what we in soccer like to call a "rake" of a cleat across her thigh in training on Oct. 28, producing a bloody gash that surely would have attracted sharks had she been diving at New Zealand's Gisborne coast, a place known for big makos. But since she was actually on a soccer field, the only thing she had to worry about was Samantha Mewis, who was more than apologetic for her inadvertent spiking of her teammate, as you can see in this unique YNT Blog Video.

Note: After writhing in pain on the ground for a few moments, Bennett walked it off and finished training.

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Soccer said...

Keep your heads up girls!!!!
Good-Luck for Sunday!!!!