Friday, October 31, 2008


Kate Bennett and Courtney Verloo in Arunui Cave

The U.S. team actually visited two caves in Waitamo, the first was Aranui Cave, a limestone masterpiece literally crammed with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is a magical and mystical place steeped in Maori myth and legend, and contains a large chamber that has famous acoustics.

When a request was made by the guide for someone to sing something, Cloee Colohan stepped forward and gave a very presentable version of the Star Spangled Banner. By the end, all of her teammates had joined in and yes, it sounded pretty good.

Then it was on to the glowworm caves which was a visual experience so stunning that it seemed almost like Disneyland, 'cept these glow worms -- the Arachnocampa luminosa -- are real. In the interest of full disclosure, the glowworms aren't actually worms, they are the larvae of bug that looks sort of like a mosquito. When they are larvae (and they do look like warms the size of a matchstick), they drop down spider-web type "fishing lines" to snare bugs that are attracted to their luminescence. Ok, enough Discovery Channel. Just know it was pretty cool.

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TSP said...

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I was actually just in New Zealand a couple of months ago and am dying to go back someday. If you're in the area of Rotorua and the Waitomo caves, I highly recommend Zorbing. It's an experience you will never forget.

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