Saturday, December 6, 2008

College Cup Duel

Tomorrow, just before the U-20 Women take on North Korea for the World Cup title, a different championship will be on the line for some U.S. players. With two 1-0 wins on Friday evening, as Lauren Fowlkes’ Fighting Irish and Meghan Klingenberg and Nikki Washington’s Tar Heels are squaring off for the NCAA College Cup on Sunday just before the World Cup Final.

The Notre Dame vs. UNC match will kick off live at 2 p.m. ET on ESPN2 and will be immediately followed by the USA-North Korea clash in Santiago.


bekairos said...

Best of luck to Notre Dame and North Carolina.

Rest assured that North Korea wants to keep their title; play smart, play hard, and play strong if you want to take it away from them. The Koreans will do everything they can to stop you; they're not afraid to play dirty. Never underestimate them. Never let up.

Whatever befall, we'll cheer you on. Have a good game, and never give up. Once again, I say - for country, for glory, for the sport. Go USA!

castrito said...

Hello I'm From Chile And I wish luck in the game tomorrow, I think you're the best team of the world cup and also this world cup has been great for Chile cause soccer is was just for men and people think that women who play soccer are all gay that has changed at least a little bit, I love soccer and It's good to see women that play well as you do.
I have a question, I don't know if you can answer, do you bother that men talk more about you're looks that the way you play??
Anyway good luck and I will be there tomorrow to support you cause you deserve to win!!

castrito said...

Good luck!!
Daniela Castro

Pipe_alf said...

I wish them good luck that they are the world champions,
because they deserve it ....
I love many command from CHILLAN; CHILE AND CHILLAN this with you, because you are the regalonas of this city ..
kisses to the whole group of beautiful girls under-20 U.S. ..

Felipe Bravo