Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Memory is a Memory (We Guess... )

This is Becky Edwards' leg. You might be wondering why we're blogging this scrape because it looks just like any other burn that one might get while playing on turf. However, not every burn is earned in a World Cup final, but this one is. That's why Becky actually wants this one to scar. Seriously. She's been scratching it so it leaves a permanent mark.


Anonymous said...

you´re rigth, a memory es a memory :D
well, i was in the hotel (over again) with some friends and fans of the team.
You were so kind with is to sign some shirts and things like that. Chantel, Keelin, Alex, Lauren, Meghan, Ingrid, Elli and Alyssa :D

i hope thay you have a nice travel and succes for your career since this worldcup...

good luck and good bye
the crazy poster guy


P.S: Keelin told me that you come back "maybe" in summer, so... WE´LL WAITING FOR YOU!

yanet miranda said...

Wow i would also love to have a scar like that one. a scar that means so much like that one, is always welcomed.
Great job in winning the world cup ladies!!!!!!!
Me and my family were cheering during and even after that great game!!!!
Congrats!!! (Even though i'm late in telling you guys!!)
For the last time CONGRATS CHAMPS!!!
All the way from almost desert, Palmdale,California!!!!

castrito said...

congratulations for winning you were the best team, I was supporting you at the stadium and was really cool to see all you play, you represent the good soccer and how to play as a team.
Becky that scar is a good memory of such a great day for u.
I said to Alex Morgan on the airport that here in Chile there aren't good women's team so was really nice to see Usa team for me , cause I love soccer.
Take care and keep playing I hope you all comeback to Chile someday.
And thanks for being so nice with the fans even when you were really tired.

Magax said...

Congrats on your winning!!
I know that you probably have heard this before but.... I KNEW YOU WILL DO IT!!!! :D lol

Since the first time that I heard that USA was in the competition.... didn’t {t get the chance to see you girls in the other cities, but I got the chance to go to the final in Santiago!! it was amazing!!

I saw you falling... trying to "SLIDE" lol and I just said OUCH!!! That must hurt... have play in artificial grass... and I have seen other team mates doing similar things like your slide...

Well... I just hope to see you girls again in 2015 for the world cup here in Chile!
I can see that this new team will be amazing as Mia's...