Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to La Serena!

When was the last time you were greeted at the airport like this? Needless to say, this very warm reception at the La Serena airport - right near Coqiumbo - made the team feel right at home ahead of their semifinal battle. Above you can see Alyssa Mautz, Alex Morgan and Meghan Klingenberg learn a traditional Chilean dance right at the airport. The team was also greeted by the mayor of Coquimbo before picking up their checked bags.

It also made the wait for our luggage much more fun!


Eloychito said...

that was funny!
and i have to say it: one of the girls (the left one in the video) did it very well! yeah im serious!

but anyway, im gonna buy the tickets for the final match, so you have to win !!


Hanzinho said...



castrito said...

that was fun!! you did a great job specially the one on the left she dance better that I do.
Cogratulations I hope you win , glad that soccer has become more popular here for girls cause I love this game and I think you're the better team on this world cup. good luck!!

Erwin said...

We suck at women soccer but we are certainly hospitable!

IgnaciA:^^ said...

Fue un honor el verlas jugar, siempre seran vienvenidas, ustedes junto a su hermosos juego colectivo, de parte de todo mi pais(Chile), felicitaciones por su triunfo, que tengan una hermosa vienvenida en su pais,
pp:morgan que golazo, puro talento :)
un besito enorme para tooodo el plantel estadounidense, a todos