Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a night! Check out the hardware that the U.S. U-20 WNT took home tonight... there is the Fair Play Award, the Bronze Ball, the Bronze Boot, the Golden Ball, the Golden Boot, the Golden Glove and... oh what's that in the middle? That's a World Cup trophy!

Obviously we'll have much, much more on the celebration of tonight's championship victory over North Korea.

As if Sydney wasn't tired enough after 90 minutes, she had to lug around all those trophies afterwards...


bekairos said... guys did it. And what a night, indeed. You fought for this championship, and you deserved it. Congratulations to the whole team!

(And, by the way, Alex, that was one amazing goal.)


John Doe said...

congratulations girls!

greetings from Temuco


Pipe_alf said...

Many love them from sending CHILLAN ..



Eloychito said...

hey girls!
today i was in the hotel with you, remeber the crazy guy with the poster???
i was so nervous when you arrived to the hotel in the bus, and i just to talked some words of congratulations for all of you.
Alex was so sweety with me, and she signed a shirt.

I could see you a little tired, so i dont wanted bother you.

I just wanna say: thanks for all, your simpathy, your soccer and your joy for to us.
I hope to see you here in Chile soon... congratulations again for your achievement!!!
you always be good receive here in Chile

kisses and good luck to everyone


Erwin said...

Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff. You girls were exemplary on and off the field. You not only won the cup but also the hearts of the chileans.

Thank you as well for all the blog journals, photos and captures. It was nice to read and see some of the local color. A job well done girls.

Maurinho said...

Congratulations girls....visit

Fernando H. Andrés said...

Girls... thanks for your great games... i hope view in Chile again.