Sunday, August 26, 2007

2nd Place!

What a relief... the team is so happy to finally play the way they know how. The locker room was quite a sight after the game, with high fives, hugs, yelling.... just general happiness. With Tunisia's 1-0 win over Tajikistan, the U.S. took second place in a Group E that finished this way:


Tajikistan advances as a third-place team, while Belgium will be heading home. Not too many people had this group pegged correctly.

The players got to enjoy some quality time with their families tonight at the post-game meal, which was held in a big hotel ball room. It was great to see so many parents and siblings who were able to come all this way, and who are so proud of their sons. Most of the moms were wearing jersey's with their sons last names on it.

It's almost time for curfew, and tomorrow the team will begin to focus on Germany.

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