Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Safe and sound

Well, after a long travel day (24 hours from hotel to hotel), the team finally arrived at our hotel in Changwon, South Korea. We left the DoubleTree in Atlanta at 9:30 a.m. ET and flew directly to Seoul, on what has to be the biggest plane in the world. There were about 600 people on board and plenty of Korean Air staff to take care of everything. It was a 14-hour flight, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds... each seat had individual monitors to play movies, games, music or shop whenever you wanted. Most of the team tried to sleep as much as possible to pass the time, but movie selections included Shrek 3, Blades of Glory and Fracture.

We then got excellent treatment at the Seoul airport while waiting for our connection. We had ample security and several liasons to take us to the VIP lounge for a short time before hopping on the flight to Busan. The flight to Busan was a bit bumpy, but short nonetheless... about 45 minutes from take off to touch down. Lots of police with automatic weapons guarded our path to the charter bus, and a police escort led us on our way.

After a 45 minute drive to the hotel in Changwon (just outside of Busan), we had a quick meal and then it was time to get settled in and get a normal night's sleep. With six days before our first game, the team is trying to get adjusted quickly to the 13-hour difference from ET.

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