Monday, August 27, 2007

A Warm Welcome

Pulling up to a new practice facility (our first practice outside of the stadium in Cheonan), there was a huge group of people waiting for us, waving Korean, U.S. and FIFA World Cup flags and chanting U-S-A... U-S-A..

It was a group from the bank behind the field, and the chairman of the Local Organizing Committee greeted us warmly (through a translator) and gave flowers to coach Hackworth and Mykell Bates (who in turn, gave them to the two female members of the contingent). Photos were taken... it was a really nice surprise.

Practice itself was a bit wet, as rains had soaked the field earlier in the day and we were hit with a few showers. But the field was near the top of a mountain, giving us a beautiful view of the surrounding hillsides.

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