Friday, August 24, 2007

Scenario Update

An update to the U-17 Scenarios we provided you yesterday (see three posts down). Groups A and B are done and done, and things went 50 percent in our favor.

First, the good news. Korea Republic defeated Togo, 2-1, in their final match which favors the U.S. Why? Well, with that result, Korea ends up in third place with three points, a -2 goal differential and two goals scored. As long as the U.S. defeats Belgium, they will rank above Korea because in every case possible they will beat them on the second tie-breaker - goals scored. With a win, the U.S. secures three points, no worse than a -2 goal differential and they already have four goals (more than Korea at two).

Second, the bad news. Korea DPR pulled out a close one against New Zealand, 1-0. We were hoping for a draw or NZL win, but didn't happen. This didn't help us out because Korea DPR secured third place with four points, which means they will beat out the U.S. in any third place ranking as the U.S. can only get a maximum of three points.

You just kind of knew Korea DPR wouldn't help us out, didn't you? Oh, well. Thanks to the Kiwis for giving it their all (not that we think it was for us). Pretty remarkable to keep in the game after getting sloshed 7-0 and 6-1 by Brazil and England in their first match.

OK, so more games tomorrow and another chance for teams to help us out. Find out what we need in the U-17 Scenarios (scroll down to find Groups C and D).

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