Saturday, August 11, 2007


The gang is all here in Atlanta, arriving from across the country just days after they left their last camp. Though it's not much of a news item, the story so far is that it is really hot and humid, but this is apparently going to be what it's like in South Korea. It's good to be prepared I guess. The team arrived throughout the day, and trained tonight on the campus of Clayton State in front of about 70 people - including both the men's and women's teams and a group of 14 and 15-year-old campers.

After a late dinner, Coach Hackworth reminded the team that this is what they've been working toward for so long. He went over goals that the players set for themselves and laid out a plan to make those things happen. The meeting served as a great reminder of the task at hand, and we have to say that we were impressed with the way the team focused with a very lively family reunion happening on the other side of the very thin walls.

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