Sunday, November 30, 2008

France Advances

The USA's first Group B opponent here in Chile has secured the first semifinal berth - France downed Group A winner Nigeria, 3-2, in today's first quarterfinal.

France took the lead in just the second minute, but Nigeria battled back to tie it in the 13th and take the lead before halftime. Just four minutes into the second half, France leveled the score at two goals apiece to set up Nora Coton-Pelagie for what has to be the goal of her life so far. She wound up just inside the corner of the penalty area and hit a cracker just inside the far post in the 88th minute to get her team to the semis.

Hopefully in a few hours, two teams will have secured a place in the final four....

In the mean time, the fine folks at Estadio Nelson Oyarzun are treating us to some vintage Michael Jackson tunes. We can't think of a better song to get a bunch of 20 year old players fired up than "Beat It".


Mary Jones said...

USA advances too!!!! YEAH!!!
Nice finishes Keelin & Sydney!!

Maximiliano Quijada V. said...

Good game girls!!!!

You were incredibles in the stadium 3-0!!. Was a great moment again when you show the banner with "Gracias Chillan", I say "YOU'RE WELCOME". It's sad that you can't play more games here in Chillan.

Just good luck in semifinal, and i hope to see you in the Final!

Go U.S.A.

John Doe said...

hey girls!!
good match today

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.::Rodrigo::. said...

Well done girls! You are one of the strongest teams of the tournament and allow me to say, one of the prettiests too!!

Good luck in the semifinals and I hope you are having a good time in my country.