Sunday, December 9, 2007

Closing Out the Weekend

Overall, it's been a pretty successful weekend here in Bradenton. Residency players will tell you, the Friendlies are one of the best events you can play in during your time here, because we're playing on our home field, in front of the people we've come to think of as family this semester. Most of us had family here, who came from all across the country.

It's become a tradition during the Friendlies that the Residency players who aren't playing in the international games support those who are. It was awesome to see the '90s and '91s out there in body paint, holding signs and singing and yelling. It's all part of the experience. The older guys did it for them when they were the youngsters, and now they're doing it for us.

Great weather, great atmosphere and great soccer made it a highly successful tournament. Thanks for checking in with the blog, and all the happenings in Bradenton on We'll be checking in periodically from Residency.... so, until next time!

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