Thursday, December 6, 2007

U.S. Victorious

The U.S. won 2-0 over Russia this afternoon in the International Bracket of the Development Academy Nike Friendlies. In the hot afternoon weather, the U.S. got goals from Carlos Martinez and Stefan Jerome to cap an exciting performance in the group's first ever competitive game.

We talked to Martinez, Jerome and midfielder Charles Renken after the victory and they told us they felt really good during the match, despite the heat, and now are looking forward to the match-up with Brazil. Renken was telling us he's excited because it's a chance for the U.S. to go up against one of the best team in the world.

Josh Lambo, Jared Jeffries, Brandon King, Mykell Bates and many, many more players provided ample support for the 92s this afternoon. A whole section stationed in the bleachers at midfield was bouncing up and down the whole game, yelling, singing and blowing horns. The face and body paint was out in the stands, and surely the 92s appreciated the camaraderie, as they celebrated with their teammates and friends after both goals.

The Development Academy Nike Friendlies “Helper of the Day Award” today goes to ‘92er Aaron Horton. Aaron wins this coveted prize thanks to his impeccable cable running for FSC during today’s broadcast. We’re also pleased to report that Aaron, who will be on the roster for the Brazil game on Saturday, encountered no quicksand during his two-hour shift. The reason we’re happy for this, is that apparently the Ohio native is terrified of quicksand. Today’s starting goalkeeper Earl Edwards, in his own words, can’t even sit on a car without getting vertigo. What happened to people being afraid of more sinister things like zombies or aliens? Kids these days…

Lots of scouts are roaming around the grounds here, many from foreign countries and big teams. One scout, from a G14 football club nonetheless, made like the fans at the USA-Russia game, and cruised around the premises sans-shirt before returning to the lodge for a dip in the pool.

If you missed today's live broadcast, don't worry: We'll have highlights coming up later tonight, and in tomorrow's Studio 90 we'll have a full game recap and preview of Saturday's big match against Brazil!

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