Thursday, December 6, 2007

USA ‘92s vs. Russia, FSC 3 p.m. ET

The Blog is at the field bright and early Thursday morning, and the tournament kicks off in less than an hour. Teams are registering left and right, and things are becoming increasingly hectic as the unique atmosphere of a tournament begins to creep in. Games occur on seven fields throughout the day, but undoubtedly the pick of the bunch is the USA '92s vs. Russia at 3 p.m. That match will be televised on FSC, so be sure to either cut out from work early, or take a long lunch hour. Don’t worry about the consequences: you have our permission.

Last night we sat a few guys from the team down for a few quick interviews, some of which could make their way on to FSC during halftime of today’s game. If they don’t, be sure to hit up throughout the weekend, as we’ll be posting news, highlights and everything else that comes of interest throughout the weekend….

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