Monday, December 10, 2007


Time to dust off the cub reporter's hat and conjure up those insightful questions again. This week's subject is Houston Dynamo midfielder Stuart Holden, who is fresh off collecting his second straight MLS championship ring in only his second year as a pro. A native of Aberdeen, Scotland, Holden earned increased playing time in his sophomore season clad in orange, scoring five goals in 22 league appearances. While completing his first stint with the U-23s - he was called into camp last February but withdrew after an injury - Stuart previously earned 11 caps with the U-20 team in 2004 and scored against Brazil and Denmark. Post your queries here and we'll sit Stuart down later this week to contesta las preguntas.


Zack said...

Stuart -

Do you still play counter-strike in your free time?

donovanlover4ever said...

who was your soccer role model growing up? and what is your favorite pro. team (not including houston ;) )

Brice said...


Great job this year with Houston, it was a lot of fun to watch you on the field.

What is your goal for this trip in China?

Can you tell us your favorite experience in China so far?



Matt said...

Who would win in a fight, Brian Ching or Superman?

Mikey said...

Stu, I have seen your Mum and Dad and they appear to be lovely people but surprisingly quite tall. How did you end up so short and are you siblings taller than you??

Do you drink too much coffee or do you like a spot of tea??


Nick said...

Oasis or Blur?

Stan said...

"Who would win in a fight, Brian Ching or Superman?"

I can answer that. In a fight that involved only Brian Ching and Superman--Craig Waibel would still win.

Will said...

a) Can you use chopsticks?
b) If so, does it surprise Chinese people that you can use chopsticks?

Matt said...

Cane you remember the last time you megged someone in a real game? What about in practice?

Rosie said...

Have you tried any new food in China? If so wat?