Monday, December 10, 2007


Remember how Sacha couldn't stop talking about the noodle guy? After watching the poor guy slave over making pile afte pile, our guys 'volunteered' to lend him a hand. First to try their luck were Zac MacMath and Jozy Altidore (wonder what those guys have in common?).

As it turns out, noodle-making is harder than it looks. Like the true leader that he is, Sacha stepped up to show the boys - and the full kitchen and wait staff that had now assembled with cameras in hand - how a veteran would handle the responsibilities. Let's just say they all got an 'A' for effort. Everybody had a good laugh - mostly because they had already eaten. If they had to rely on these guys for noodles...

1 comment:

Brice said...

i assume the hats do not possess all the skill in noodle making as you thought they did hah.