Thursday, March 12, 2009

DD, JJ and TT

We realized while reading this interview that we have three players on the U-20s whose first and last name start with the same letter: Dilly Duka, Jared Jeffrey and Tony Taylor (okay, Tony is kind of cheating because Antonio is his middle name – his first name is Alejandro, but it’s our blog). We wondered... is this something that's fairly common? Do a lot of people use this alliteration when naming their children? Do other people notice these things?

We found 32 current and former senior MNT Players who share this trait (caps in parenthesis):

Amr Aly (8), Andy Auld (5), Boris Bandov (33), Barry Barto 16), Barney Battles (1), Brian Benedict (4), Brian Bliss (33), Bobby Boswell (3), Ben Brewster (1), Carmen Capurro (2), Conor Casey (9), Cornelius Casey (4), Cecil Correa (1), David D’Errrico (19), Don Droegre (8), Eric Eichmann (29), Edward Embarger (2), Gene Geimer (6), Gene Grabowski (1), Kasey Keller (102), Lawrence Lozzano (7), Manuel Martin (9), Michael Mason (5), Mike Masters (1), Matt McKeon (2), Oguchi Onyewu (38), Peter Piertras (2), Steve Shafter (3), Steve Sharp (8), Steve Snow (2), Taylor Twellman (30), Tim Twellman (1)

And of course a handful of non-soccer celebrities (in no particular order):

Susan Sarandon, Cindy Crawford, Mark McGuire, Rob Reiner, Bob Barker, Ozzy Osbourne, Nick Nolte, Barbara Bush, Connie Chung, Alan Alda, Janet Jackson, Marilyn Monroe

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