Thursday, March 5, 2009

Road Trippin' to Dwight Yorke Stadium

Fun things we saw on our bus ride to Dwight Yorke Stadium for tonight's official training, with some Bob Marley music playing on the speakers (it seemed perfectly fit for our drive):

  • Cattle Crossing Signs - Last time the team was here, traffic stopped for nearly 20 minutes so one of the farmers could cross the main highway. Also, the main highway is just a road with one lane in each direction. No entrance ramps or anything either, just intersections
  • Harrison Ford's House - Yes, THAT Harrison Ford. He has a massive mansion on the island that includes a private golf course, among other things. His many acres of land don't have ocean front, but he's halfway up a hill that we're quite sure has a fantastic view. Rumor has it that he also has a heart-shaped pool in that home
  • KFC - Tobagoans apparently love the Colonel. There is even a KFC at the tiny Port of Spain airport.
  • K-Mart - Okay, not the same K-Mart as the U.S., but the big sign was encouraging to the players.
  • A Penn State football jersey - Can't really explain this one, but there is no question that it was an official Nittany Lion jersey, No. 34 if you were wondering
  • A near crash - A risky pass of our bus nearly resulted in one car colliding head on with a car heading in the opposite direction
  • Potholes the size of cars
  • An impressive navigation of small city streets - Our drive is driving what is, literally, the biggest bus in Tobago, with 33 seats. It exactly holds our delegation. Our busdriver navigated the thing through the narrow one-way streets of the city of Tobago - a slight detour on our way to the stadium.
  • Scarborough- the city of Scarborough has a lively population of 17,000 and is the biggest town on the island. It also has a harbor that houses the popular ferry that travels back and forth between Trinidad and Tobago

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