Saturday, March 7, 2009

Representing the Garden State

We just realized this morning that two of the U.S. goalscorers from last night hail from New Jersey. Dilly Duka hails from Montville, N.J. and of course goes to Rutgers University. Schuler is an Allentown, N.J. native.

So be proud New Jersey... ans? ...ites? We're not sure what to call people from New Jersey actually. Thoughts/suggestions?


Unknown said...

Great stuff Dilly and Schulz. You guys are making NJ proud.

Barry W. said...

New Jerseyan or New Jerseyite
or simply "Jerseyite"

Go Dilly!

Unknown said...

according to the all-knowing wikipedia, the demonym would either be New Jerseyan or New Jerseyite, or simply "Jerseyite". You can find other demonyms of the states here