Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Full House

The team's hotel is busy tonight as Jamaica and Honduras both arrived this afternoon ahead of Friday's Group A games. The lobby is even more raucous now than it was before, but everyone is getting along just fine.

Have we mentioned that the lobby is the only place to get the wireless signal? It's also the only place we know of that has three songs on constant repeat. All. The. Time. Beware that if you're online for hours at a time (the YNT Blog knows a little something about this) that you will hear the same three island songs on repeat for the duration. We have absolutely nothing against island music, quite the contrary, we rather enjoy it. But we just know that there are more great songs than these three!



Love the posts. Keep it up. Can you tell us about the players...maybe some things we didn't know about some players we don't see that much.

fan said...

Is there going to be matchtracker for the games?