Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trial Run for Obama!

The big news in T&T that we have been hearing about, really since we got here, is the upcoming Summit of the Americas that is coming to Port of Spain in May. Dignitaries from all over the region will be descending on Trinidad - including President Obama - and local officials decided that it would be a good idea to practice.

With President Obama's arrival scheduled for a Friday evening, what better way to test the travel routes than to use another Friday evening event for practice?

Yep, that's right... streets all over Trinidad were closed yesterday and the police used their hours of police escort training on the four team buses that were used for yesterday's semifinals. Traffic here tends to be pretty bad, as we noticed on our hour long drive to training on Thursday. How long did it take on closed roads surrounded by a motorcade? 14 minutes.

We are staying right across the street from where the U.S. delegation will be staying for the summit and Marvin Lee Stadium is in the direction of the airport so we think it was a pretty accurate assessment.

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