Monday, January 7, 2008

Day One, Session One

Well, with the first training session of the camp now under everyone's belts, here are a couple of quick hits from this morning:

  • The weather is beautiful, but maybe a little hot for the players who went through a pretty intense morning of fitness. Especially since several guys are used to playing in the cooler, rainier leagues in Europe.
  • We forgot how fast Johann Smith is. Now that he's back to 100%, that guy can really move. Look for more on Johann tomorrow...
  • After a nice long warm up, the players went through three different stations of footwork, passing and quick touches. Then two of the groups played possession games while the other was doing fitness. They rounded out the two hour session by playing a 10-v-10 game on a short field with big goals.
  • Players and staff are resting a bit before the afternoon weight lifting/regeneration session. Naps and daytime television all around.
More later...

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