Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playin' in the Rain

The team just got back to the hotel after another scrimmage with the U-17 Residency players. The first half pitted the U-23s against the '91s, and the '91s definitely came to play. Despite the 23s getting almost all of the possession, the game was scoreless until the 45th minute when Kamani Hill played a ball into the box from the right and Stuart Holden finished it.

In the second half, both teams made 11 substitutions, with the '92s coming on for the '91s. Again, the 23s were able to maintain a lot of possession, and this time put away three of their chances. Sean Franklin scored from just inside the box a few minutes after the second half began. Robbie Findley and Preston Zimmerman each added goals in the second half.

With rain coming down for most of last night, the field was wet and muddy in the first half, and the rain returned for most of the second half, soaking just about everyone and everything. Of course, now that we're back at the hotel, the sun is trying to sneak out from behind the clouds...

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