Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finishing Drills

This morning's training session featured shooting and finishing drills, which is usually a favorite of the players. There were some great goals (we'll have those for you later), and some balls that were fished out of the swamp, which is inevitable when you're taking hundreds of shots.

Arturo Alvarez and Stuart Holden had an on-going battle for who could score the most goals throughout the session. We won't tell you the final score so that feelings aren't hurt, but Stuart lost the bet and had to serve Arturo his food at lunch. Service with a smile from the Dynamo player, who was quick to point out the result of the playoff game his team played against Arturo's this season...

1 comment:

Sean Bibby said...

Thata boy Stu. Don't forget to polish your trophies after you serve him lunch.