Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Happens on an Off Day

Some "off day" (and by off-day we mean off-afternoon) events:
-Sushi was a popular choice... so popular that the first group got their orders out quickly, while everyone else waited up to an hour. How does it take that long for food that isn't even cooked? I guess that's what happens when 17 hungry soccer players show up
-Michael Orozco ventured to the mall to pick up some basketball gear that he can't find anywhere in San Luis.
-We won't name names, but pedicures happened. That will be our little secret.
-Lots of sleeping. These guys can really nap.
-The season premier of LOST was a huge deal - We missed the first 20 minutes or so because of the sushi situation, but everyone caught up.
-Credit card roulette following dinner. Always entertaining!

Overall, it was a relaxing afternoon for the players before the final two-day push at the end of camp. Tomorrow, it's back to two-a-days, so everyone is resting up for the night.

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