Sunday, January 27, 2008

News and Notes

More news and notes from San Francisco/Bradenton this weekend..

  • Eddie Gaven is in his first camp since getting married on January 12. He and his new wife, Paula, returned from their honeymoon in St. John's last week. There are two other players in camp who are married, as Adam Cristman and Tally Hall have also tied the knot, while the recently engaged Pat Ianni seems to be next in line.
  • With Chance Meyers and Dominic Cervi being drafted during the last camp, all 23 players in camp are professionals. 11 MLS clubs are represented, along with four other countries.
  • During the welcoming ceremony at the USOC program this weekend, a children's chorus from Orlando welcomed the group with familiar music associated with sports: Queen, MC Hammer, KC and the Sunshine Band... it was a quite a medley. We don't know the name of the song, but there was an 11-year-old girl who performed a solo that we're sure is going to win American Idol in a few years.
  • Part of the fun of the USOC programming was guessing who played which sport. There were a few recognizable faces in the crowd, including Jennie Finch, but for the most part it was fun to guess whether someone was a synchronized swimmer, rower, sailor or shooters.
The team went through a pretty light jogging session today, and played a little bit of 5v2. Otherwise, everyone is getting settled into familiar surroundings at IMG. Michael Orozco (who, by the way is not related to U-17 Residency player Emilio Orozco) will be arriving any minute, after flight cancellations. We're going to go relax and make up for lost sleep on the Red Eye, but stay tuned...

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