Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pool Games UPDATED

Yesterday we mentioned Sharks and Minnows (NEW video below)... today, the guys got ahold of a tennis ball, and that's all they needed for their entertainment during the pool session. I wish we had video of this one, but we'll do our best to describe it:

Chris Seitz standing 3/4 of the way down the length of the pool, throws the tennis ball toward Pat Ianni, who is waiting on the wall of the deep end. Pat jumps forward into the pool and kicks the tennis ball on his way down. Without moving a step, Chris stuck his hand up and snagged it.

I don't think that does it justice, but it has to have been the most accurate tennis ball kick from the side of the pool ever.

Really, it doesn't take much to entertain these guys. Here is an intense game of Sharks v. Minnows..


alleemclaurin said...

They totally need to get a game of Marco Polo going on.

Brice said...

hehe, nice vid, thanks