Monday, March 17, 2008

Bermuda Grass

Today the team held its first training session in Nashville, at the Tennessee Titans practice facility.. That big white bubble is their indoor facility. In case you're wondering, it's not particularly soft to touch, but when soccer balls bounce against it, it's kind of like a balloon.

The grass was, well, brown. But it wasn't as rough as it might look. Apparently the Bermuda grass that they have here in these parts dies no matter how much you water it because it gets a little too cold.

Another fun fact about the facility: It's at the same latitude and arranged exactly the same as LP Field, where the U.S. plays Thursday night and where the Titans play their home games. Why? So the receivers get used to where the sun is going to be at certain times of day and they can practice looking up at the sky and having the sun be exactly where it would be during a game. How do they think of things like that?

Because of the brown grass, we had to throw in a scenic photo from the facility. This man-made lake surrounds the fields on two sides, and the buildings in the background are now offices. Apparently people try to watch Titans training camp from there during the summer.

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