Thursday, March 13, 2008

Halftime of Honduras/Cuba

Well its 0-0 after the first half of Honduras vs. Cuba and the game has been pretty entertaining so far. It is open ended stuff, actually, and even though Cuba is playing with 10 men, they're managing to get some attacks in. Granted, they're having to do a lot of defending too and Honduras is slowly getting the edge. The best chance of the half came from a corner kick in the 43rd minute when Cuba cleared a goal-bound header off the line. The guy at the near post there was the one doing the clearing - quite a good save too! Despite the small size, the crowd is also pretty into it: Cuba has a strong following and the Honduran fans are getting pretty rowdy as well. Despite the match on the field, undoubtedly both sets of fans can stand united on the fact that nineties music is awesome. The stadium is cranking out the hits from the pre Y2k era - Smashmouth was a few minutes ago and they just finished Matchbox 20's Bent. The YNT is off to get a sandwich in the press box before the second half begins. We'll be back in a bit to report on the first game and we'll also give you the lineup for the U.S. game a little after 7 pm ET...stay tuned.

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