Thursday, March 20, 2008

Counting Down to Kickoff

Well after all the preparation we're finally at game day. The YNT Blog is at the stadium early again, where we'll take in the first game between Guatemala and Honduras. Its a bit of a surprise that Mexico isn't involved in either of these games, but its pretty great that either Guatemala or Honduras will be going to the Olympics in Beijing.

Speaking of Mexico, a YNT Blog informant in Carson told us that El Tri had the champagne ready in the HDC locker room for what they believed would be a big (+5 GD) win over Haiti. Too bad...That was probably a bit awkward when the players came back to the locker room... The same informant told us that when it didn't happen, the champagne was smuggled out in Gatorade towels.

The Blog sat down with Midfielder Sacha Kljestan ahead of tonight's game. Listen to the full podcast here.

Honduras/Guatemala will be kicking off an about an hour and a half, so we'll be here to let you know how its going on the field. And of course be sure to check back here an hour before the game to get the lineups as they come out...

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