Saturday, March 22, 2008

Southern Hospitality

It's hard to describe the experience the team just had attending the Nashville Predators game against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Sommett (pronounced "so-MAY") Center, just a few blocks from the hotel. We can't thank the Predators' family and fans enough for how well we were treated throughout our time in their "home". For a lot of our players, especially those from So Cal, this was their first live hockey game and after the Predators won in a shootout, they are hooked on the sport. Robbie Findley couldn't believe how fast the game was, and Mo Edu was ready to buy season tickets to the Maple Leafs.

Below is a slide show and a little description of what the afternoon was like... though we don't think the photos will do it justice!

The Predators hooked us up with a suite, complete with snacks, and Lora, our friendly waitress.

As we mentioned, this was the first live hockey game for many of our players. Here are Dax and Seitz helping their teammates figure out the rules.

Stu was trying everything to get on the Jumbo Tron – unfortunately he couldn’t top the Predator Dancing Super Fan during “Cotton-Eyed Joe”, but that didn’t stop him from trying…

Jozy was interviewed by Fox Sports Network during a break in the game

David Freeman, part of the Predators’ ownership group, also owns a piece of Derby County. He and his daughters are HUGE soccer fans, and they were a key part of the hospitality our team received. Here is David handing Coach Nowak a signed jersey and visiting with the players.

The staff also brought down t-shirts for all of the players, which they wore proudly, as you can see.

The team was introduced on the Jumbo-Tron during the second period, receiving a standing ovation from the nearly 20,000 fans in attendance. They showed highlights of Thursday’s game against Canada:

….and Stu finally got to be on the Jumbo-Tron.

Once they were on the Jumbo-Tron, the boys spent quite a bit of time signing autographs. Yes, that is a new MNT jersey that someone was wearing at the game. The players took the time to sign programs, tickets, tshirts and even shoes that were coming at them from every direction.

But of course, the highlight of the afternoon for most of the guys was a visit from the Predator cheerleaders, some of whom will be in attendance at our game on Sunday afternoon.

Seriously, we can't thank the Predators enough - especially David Freeman, Senior V.P. Gerry Helper and Director of Community Relations Rebbecca Ward for everything. It was a great way to spend an afternoon in Nashville. Our 13,000+ fans on Thursday night were great, and we hope tomorrow the people at LP Field will be as supportive of the team as the fans at the Sommett Center.


Rosie said...

haha :]

I'm glad stu finally got on :]

Gabe said...

Awesome! An amazing amount of pictures, and I really like the captions for each one. Looks like a really fun time. Stuff like this is why I love coming to these US blogs. Keep up the good work!