Friday, March 14, 2008

The Morning After

The players were allowed to sleep in a little bit this morning, not required to be in the breakfast room until 10 a.m., which means that most walked through the door at 9:59 and 30 seconds.

It's a bit chilly this morning, making it tough for the players to get excited about going through a pool workout in 65 degree weather, but they're here. We asked for comment about the chill factor, but the players couldn't say much through their chattering teeth.

There was, however, a dolphin sighting about 50 yards from the pool. The pool overlooks the Tampa Bay, and a pair of dolphins swam right by. This necessitated a break in the work out while the players tried to catch a glimpse.


Unknown said...

I was there with you guy's for the week. I know yall remember me, with the pink cover laptop. Well I want to thank you guy's for making it the vacation of a life time. It was an awsome experience that I will never forget going to watch yall play and to see you guy's leave each day for training/or games. Thanks Freddy to you also for being so kind and to the coaches!!


Texas with the pink

Unknown said...

If anyone, coaches or players remember me, please get back with me. I was in Tampa at the Hotel for the same week yall were there. I thought you guy's and the coaches were awsome people.

Charliene from Texas