Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ready to Roll

Men's National Team head coach Bob Bradley has arrived in Tampa, joining the team for breakfast this morning. He will be in town scouting the first game of tonight's double header, which features the USA's next two opponents - Panama and Honduras - and will consult with the coaches following tonight's games.

Coach Bradley's arrival is just one of many signs that it's game day at the team hotel. The halls on the team floors are a little bit quieter, the uniforms are being packed up to take to the stadium and everyone in the team delegation seems to be carrying a quiet readiness.

After breakfast this morning, the team went through its game-day routine of going for a light jog and stretch to loosen up. This afternoon, the players have time for their own pre-game rituals, whether it's napping, reading or just relaxing with their teammates. Whatever it takes, the players will be ready to hit the field tonight at 8 p.m.


Kevin8833 said...

What jerseys will be worn in the tournament will it be the new jerseys worn in the Mexico friendly, if so will you be displaying the new away jersey anytime this tournament?

Rosie said...

Yeah good question. :]

&& It's great to know that Bob is here! that should be a good advanage