Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Game Night

The night before the crucial semifinal clash against Mexico, the U.S. U-17 Women's National Team got together for some relaxing, yet ultra-competitive games. The team split into three groups that played Apples to Apples, Spoons and Uno. In the picture above, it's Samantha Mewis's turn to be the judge in Apples to Apples.

Because of the number of players, some had to wait their turn to be able to play.

Kelsey Wys, Crystal Dunn and Samantha Johnson watch the other girls almost tear each other's hands off grabbing spoons. At another table, Kristen Mewis and Erika Tymrak take a break from finding similarities at the camera. It turns out, the girls aren't only competitive on the field. We hope they save some of that for Mexico.Last, but not least, the trio of Taylor Vancil, Courtney Verloo and Kate Bennett put on their Uno faces. It's like their poker faces, but way more fun.

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