Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visitors to the Blog

Things are heating up here at the HDC, but the Blog will always make time for some visitors. Today Chris Agorsor and Neil Vranis from the Baltimore Bays stopped by the office as their teammate, Dan Louisignau, took care of his headshot for tomorrow's broadcast.

All the players have filmed their own introductions for each team's starting lineup, but Dan was absent when the Bays did theirs. So while he was in front of the camera making sure it got done, Chris and Neil popped over to say hello to the Blog. In addition to saying that they read the Blog every day (ok, maybe they didn't quite say it like that), they offered up their thoughts on the event so far and tomorrow night's big game with LAFC.

"It's been a great week so far for us, not just on the field but off the field too - the lounge has been great and the weather out here in California is fantastic," said Neil. "Now we're all looking forward to tomorrow's game under the lights and on TV."

Chris chimed in as well: "This is what we've been working for all year and as a team, a win tomorrow would be the best possible way to go out. This has been a goal for us and we've got one more game to show how strong we are as a team."

With that, Dan finished up his headshot - being sure to incorporate his myriad of nicknames into the clip - and the three headed out to today's training session, their last one of the season. The Blog wishes them luck in tomorrow's game, but for now - it's out to the fields to take in some Group C action! Carmel United hold their destiny in their own hands, and any point will take them through to Saturday's Championship match. However should the team from Indiana slip up, LAFC and Schulz Academy could just nip top spot in the group. We'll let you know how things shake down!

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Allee said...

I was just going ahead and putting in a request for the Benny and Sacha podcast once the Olympic team assembles.