Monday, July 21, 2008

Training Day

For most of the players, today was the first training session as part of the Olympic team. The core group has been together several times since the end of 2007, but of course there were some new faces as well. Newcomers to the team who trained today include - Michael Bradley, Danny Szetela, Brian McBride and Michael Parkhurst.

In all, 11 players on the roster (plus alternate goalkeeper Dominic Cervi) hit the beautiful field at Stanford University. As the third goalkeeper, Dominic will travel with the team to China in case of an emergency. So, quick: name all the players in the below photo! We know you're going to try to figure out who's here anyway. (Hint, but only because some players are mostly hidden: field players are in red, goalkeepers in blue, staff in gray)


Malachite said...

I guess ...


Robbie Rogers(between Szetela and McBride) 
McBride-Bradley-Parkhurst-Kljestan-Feilhaber -Wynne & Orozco

Eric said...

McBride, Rogers, Szetela
Parkhurst, Sturgis, Cervi
Orozco, Kljestan, Bradley
Adu, Feilhaber, Seitz

Who's the dude with the glasses?
our goalkeeping coach?

revvedup said...

Are any of the training sessions open...or at least watch-able?

JPARMZ said...

damn erics got it. gg

Jeremy said...

Just curious, will any of the practices be open to the general public? I bet I'm not the only fan in the Bay Area that would be interested in checking it out. If you could provide details, it'd be hugely appreciated. Thanks.