Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Loungin' Around

The ever-popular Players' Lounge is making another appearance here at Development Academy Finals Week. You better believe that the Gatorade Bar is there. Oh, and some video games? No brainer. Sweet tunes? Most definitely. Yes, the lounge at the Home Depot Center is undeniably awesome.

However, the newest addition in the lounge has been perhaps the most popular feature: Game DVDs. With the stakes high here at Finals Week, players have taken a keen interest in watching video of their games, and teams can be seen crowding around TVs as they dissect every move and play over 90 minutes. This afternoon the LAFC U-18s could be seen watching their 1-1 draw against the Columbus Crew in Group B play yesterday. The older LAFC team was along to support their U-16 clubmates in today's game, and with the replay of their game on in the lounge, they could be here all day. Who would have thought that video games would be the neglected activity in the tent?

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