Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Us to China ASAP

We depart for Hong Kong today, and this morning has just been filled with energy. Everyone is dressed and ready for the flight, the bags have already been sent to the airport to be checked and the only thing standing between us and Hong Kong is a 14 hour plane ride.... As a beaming Jozy Altidore said at breakfast "China fever, baby!"


JPARMZ said...

what a flight.. gl boys make us proud we def. watchin every game. btw we playin ivory coast in a suit up?! drogbaaa!! prbly wont play but oh well my 2 fav countries.

chelseabound said...

The ING Cup website is reporting that Fox Soccer Channel will be televising the games for the U.S. market. Has this been confirmed?

kakafan said...

Can't wait to watch you play...go USA!