Monday, May 26, 2008

Au Revoir Toulon!

Well, the team has started their journeys of various lengths to wherever it is they're all going... some home for vacation, others back to their clubs and Coach Nowak is on his way to join the MNT in England. Toulon was good to us - the people were very nice, and tried to help as much as possible, even if they couldn't understand us. Some of the running themes in Toulon included:

-the salami that was at every single meal, and that was always guaranteed to run out
-the very cheerful waiter in our meal room, Phillipe, who had so much energy, and who tried so hard to teach us French words (he speaks French, Spanish and English)
-the baguettes.... ohhhh the baguettes...
-the sirens - mostly ambulance - that seemingly went past the hotel every four minutes.
-Brek's hair-do
-hardly anyone remembering to bring movies, and therefore everyone watching BBC World News, or various sporting events in French
-everyone (players and staff alike) making a run for the rare tray of chocolate chip cookies
-every other store front was a bakery
-a pharmacy on every corner... but they weren't like Walgreen's or CVS, they were almost exclusively medical supplies. The one right next to the hotel had a store-front display of a mannequin with six-pack abs sporting a diaper.

Of course, spending 11 days in a foreign country is bound to create some memories. These are just a few off-the-field memories from the trip. The U-23 MNT will be back to blogging leading up to this summer's Olympics - which are now just 73 days away! In the mean time, stay tuned to the Development Academy Spring Showcase!

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