Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Made It! (Well, some of us anyway... )

Most of the U.S.- based group has arrived in Toulon after a four-city that has taken us across the pond... the players traveled from wherever they were to JFK in New York to meet up with the group, then it was an overnight flight to Munich followed by a late morning jaunt to Marseilles. After a pretty lengthy delay both on the plane from Munich- due to air traffic caused by the Cannes Film Festival - and in luggage claim - due to a broken baggage belt that may or may not have been caused by our equipment - the team hopped on a charter bus and made the final one-hour drive to Toulon.

In all, eight players and a number of staff made the journey from New York, and we met up with Kamani Hill and Greg Dalby in Marseilles. The Hertha Berlin duo of Bryan Arguez and Ellis McLoughlin arrived shortly before the team departed for training. The remaining players will be streaming in over the next couple of days. We'll be back later tonight with more, but for now... time for a cheese-and-baguette dinner!

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